The Problem

We’re stuck in 1956 when the Rolodex was invented. It’s time to innovate.

Reps’ business cards (hence REPCARDz™) taped to the OR walls, a rolodex with outdated cards, time-consuming calls to customer service to find a representative’s contact information…

Sound familiar?

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing and time matters more than ever. REPCARDz™ takes the rep contact information search from 15 minutes to 15 seconds.

The REPCARDz™ Solution

77% of healthcare providers said they first reach for a rolodex of business cards to contact their vendor representative, yet 88% of business cards are thrown away within a week.

How about this: the next time you have an urgent product question or need (AKA your hair is on fire), use REPCARDz™ to find the current rep’s direct contact information in less than 15 seconds. Our HIPAA-compliant in-app chat feature lets you contact them directly without the compliance or security worry.

No more lost sales for vendor representatives. No more provider frustration in getting a quick answer or meeting an emergent product need.