At REPCARDz™, we believe EXPERIENCES are the most valuable currency of life and the current way for healthcare providers to find and connect with healthcare representatives is fragmented and inefficient at best. 

Healthcare representatives have an enormous responsibility to provide the right information, for the right product, at the right time, so healthcare providers can focus on what truly matters: patient care.

Founded in 2019, REPCARDz™ is a small, privately-owned company based in Austin, Texas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the whole vendor experience for healthcare providers and representatives by becoming more efficient together.

We help healthcare providers keep pace with ever-changing reps, roles, products, and companies through a real-time, easily searchable, verified database that matches every product to the right representative for each facility.  

We help healthcare representatives gain access to their customers, stay top-of-mind through staff and shift changes, put unsurpassed customer service on autopilot, and never miss a lost connection to make a sale. 

We achieve our mission with the first and only continuously verified directory of healthcare reps and their products, coupled with  HIPAA compliant in-app chat and video conferencing, featuring 256-bit encryption from end to end, so superior patient care can take center stage without the worry of unsecured access or devices.

Meet the Team

Cheryl Halbert

Founder & CEO

Frustrated after over thirteen years as a medical device rep taking customer calls asking, “Do you know who my rep is for this product?” Cheryl set out to solve this problem because a lost connection means a lost sale and poor patient care.  The problem is healthcare’s revolving door of changing reps, healthcare personnel, territories, products, and companies.  So she traded in her scrubs for business clothes and got to work building a better way for healthcare to connect and keep pace with product experts, so quick answers for timely patient care are always at their fingertips.

Jeff Israel

Director of Technology

Jeff has spent his career helping teams build and deploy quality software products across large consulting firms, successful technology startups, and major media companies. As an early-stage startup, REPCARDz™ poses a compelling and new challenge for Jeff. He seized the opportunity to apply his engineering leadership experience towards a meaningful disruption in the healthcare industry.

Lindsey Procknow

Customer Success Manager

An accountant by trade, Lindsay’s career has focused on operations in the public accounting, telemedicine and molecular diagnostics fields.  Her passion for customer success and intuitive products stems from her love of complex problem solving, process optimization, and customer engagement. Lindsay joined REPCARDz™ to help build a better healthcare experience from the ground up and support a woman entrepreneur.

John Strong

Company Advisor

John is a 40-year veteran of the healthcare industry, with highlights including President and CEO of Consorta (now HealthTrust), Senior Vice President of Premier and now Co-Founder and Chief Consulting Officer of Access Strategy Partners, Inc. He joined the REPCARDz™ team because it is a practical solution to a real problem. Trying to locate medical device representatives, especially with all the changes brought on with the pandemic, and our new ‘virtual world’ is still critical pre-surgery and sometimes during surgery. REPCARDz™ provides a real organization of contact information that can be easily updated, especially during this time of massive change and reorganizations by many companies.

Laura Velarde

Laura Velarde

Company Advisor

Laura has over 20 years of experience in healthcare to include holding an active RN license, med device sales, and over 8 years of hospital supply chain experience. As a supply chain expert, Laura understands the challenges of identifying the appropriate reps for requested products and the value REPCARDz provides. Utilizing REPCARDz improves workflow efficiencies for healthcare vendors and personnel by decreasing the amount of time it takes to contact the right rep, therefore improving timely patient care and vendor customer service. Laura holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and is an MSF candidate at Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business.

John Lebowitz

John Lebowitz

Company Advisor

John has over 35+ years of supply chain executive experience in the Healthcare, Technology, and Services industries. He recently retired as the Vice President of Supply Chain Operations for Stryker. John is also a Distinguished Faculty Fellow for the University of Tennessee Haslam Global Supply Chain Institute.  He is an advisor and investor in several supply chain related start-up firms and is involved with various community organizations including serving on the board of Wonders and Worries and is president of the 30A Alliance

His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Bentley University; and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from St. Edwards University. Ongoing education includes executive programs at the Harvard Business School. He has guest lectured at various universities and professional organizations, and has contributed to articles/blogs on supply chain throughout his career.

John joined REPCARDz as he believes improved patient care is centered around creating connectivity and action orientated information that allows caregivers to have the tools to drive the best possible outcomes. REPCARDz is uniquely positioned to be the conduit between medical vendors and the caregivers themselves.

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